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Howdy! I'm Milad, Product Designer* currently at Toggl.

I'm a product designer based in Mashhad, Tehran, Istanbul, with 7+ years of experience in optimizing online human experiences and delivering end-to-end UX/UI design for software products with millions of users. I'm passionate about improving the lives of othersΒ through design and am constantly expanding my skillset. As an specialized design generalist, I’m leveraging my prototyping skills and Digital Analytics Intelligence (DXI) knowledge in my process to ensure that we’re solving the right problem.

I'm also a volunteer Citizen Scientist at @NASA's @GlobeProgram, observing and gathering data of the clouds and submitting them using the GLOBE's platform so it can be used by scientists working on NASA missions studying Earth from orbiting satellites.

β­’ Currently @Toggl Track – Over 5 million users
β­  Previously @Divar @Cafe Bazaar – Over 40 million users
β₯€ Proudly mentoring designers on ADPList.org.️

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Milad Safarzadeh - Product Designer

This is me! – I'm out sitting in cafes in my spare time, reading my favorite books. Other than that, I love 🐈 cats, πŸ• dogs, πŸ• pizza, πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ³ cooking, 🏝 traveling and πŸͺ‚ skydiving! Trying my best to get my AFF license to dive solo soon!

πŸ“” Case Studies

Divar Image Editor

UX Case Study – Making it easier for users to edit images and reducing ads rejection by the review team. image editing is going to be a part of the ad submission process.

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Divar Saved & Recent Searches

UX Case Study – Making it easier for people to see their recent searches and save them to access them faster and easier, especially in their micro-breaks in "Divar", used by 30 million people every year.

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πŸ€ Designs on Dribbble!

I also share some of my designs on Dribbble frequently. so feel free to check some of them.

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